Lay Buy Terms

Our stores accept lay buys as a payment plan for goods. Our lay buy plans are flexible allowing our customers freedom to make payments when possible. Lay buy terms are as follows:

  1. Lay buys are valid for a period of up to 6 months from the first payment date;
  2. Prices of goods placed under lay buy are fixed for the full lay buy period;
  3. There are no additional charges or fees for lay buys, you pay the price advertised, on condition that the item is not on sale;
  4. Any payment denominations can be made over the six month period;
  5. Goods can be collected prior to the six months provided the full amount has been settled;
  6. A 3 week notice period is required prior to goods collection to ensure that goods are ready on time;
  7. Lay buys can be cancelled at any time, however this attracts a 10% administration fee on the current deposit balance. Positive identification is required for this, either a valid South African ID document or passport;
  8. Goods under lay buy can be changed at any time prior to notice being given;
  9. Any deposits do not attract any interest payable to the customer;
  10. Goods may not be collected until the full price has been settled;
  11. Lay buy receipts must be produced when making payments and collecting goods;
  12. Any deposit amount of more than R20.00 is accepted, payments of any denomination can be made subsequently. If the items are under a special order, a 60% deposit is required;
  13. Should goods not be collected on time as per instructions from the customer (within 7 days of the notice date), the goods will be sold off and new arrangements need to be made by the customer for goods collections.